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n 1961 Rita Moreno (gained fame) and (won) an Academy Award (for her portraying) Anita in the film (adaptation of) the groundbreaking Broadway musical West Side Story. No error. What's wrong with "for her portraying"? I know the correct version is "for her portrayal of" but I don't see a problem in the original version (even though the original version sounds awkward). Thank you:)

The original contains an improper gerund (-ing word). If there’s a noun that works, like portrayal, then you should use it instead of adding an -ing to a verb to make it work like a noun.

Note: if you just erase “her,” then the sentence also works, because then “portraying” functions as a progressive verb:

In 1961 Rita Moreno gained fame and won an Academy Award for portraying Anita in the film adaptation of the groundbreaking Broadway musical West Side Story.

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